Team 8 (Gr 8)


Team 8

Philosophy Statement


Team 8 believes school can be a safe, engaging, and enjoyable place to learn for all students.  Our high standards are met by a fun approach to learning and attention to individual needs that creates a nurturing experience for each student.  We recognize that each student is unique, and with this understanding we strive to identify students’ strengths, and help them contribute to the community in meaningful ways.


Team 8 also believes school walls should not limit students’ learning.  We encourage students to explore the world with a sense of curiosity, and we seek parents and community members as partners in helping students search for answers to their questions.  Team 8 is committed to open communication with parents and the community.  We believe that together we can shape experiences that touch every child.



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Dr. Frenkiewich – Social Studies          Mrs. Franz – English        Mr. Pogorzelski – Math

Mrs. Almeida – Science     Mrs. Crampton – English Lab 8     Ms. Caron – World Language



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