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Ms. Beth Gibney
Curriculum Coordinator
673-5221  ext. 1530

In the month of January there are two very exciting contests held at the middle school.  The Scripps Spelling Bee and the National Geographic Geography Bee. 

The MMS Spelling Bee will held on January 22nd.  The finalists from the school wide spelling bee will then participate in the regional bee on March 7th at the Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University.  Nine students qualified to participate in the MMS Spelling Bee based upon their performance in classroom spelling tests:

  • Grade 6
    • Gabriella Garland
    • Hannah Lowy
    • Tiegan Barb
  • Grade 7
    • Isaac Rysdam
    • Jason Lewicki
    • Anya Zoltko
  • Grade 8
    • Daniel Sixon
    • Carla Costas
    • Victory Phillips


The MMS National Geographic Geography Bee will be held on Friday, January 17th.  The winner of the school wide Geography Bee then proceeds to the state Geography Bee will be held on March 27th.

  • Grade 6
    • Nate Van Wagner
    • Cameron Guerin
    • Quinn Cotsofis
  • Grade 7
    • Max DeRosa 
    • James Brew
    • Paradise DeLaCruz
  • Grade 8
    • Morgan Peterson
    • Cory Tomkins
    • Relena Daigle


We wish all of the contestants of both bees the best of luck!