Special Services

Serving students with disabilities
and special needs
The Milford School District has a continuum of services to meet the needs of our diverse student population.  Our goal is to ensure that all children who have disabilities, from 2.5 to age 21, who reside in the District, and who need special education and related services are identified, located and evaluated. This applies to all children with disabilities, including highly mobile children (such as migrant and homeless children), children placed in homes for children, health care facilities, or state institutions, and children who are suspected of being eligible under IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act), even though they are advancing from grade to grade. In addition, this applies to those children attending approved, non-public private schools within the geographic boundaries of the District.  Placement decisions shall be made on an individual basis by the IEP team and in accordance with the procedures described in our Special Education Procedures Plan.  For more information, please contact the Milford Office of Special Services at (603) 673-6709.
Multiple Ways to Contact our Special Services Team

AIP Program

673-5221 ext. 1513  email:  Ms. Kimberly Szewczyk
EH Program
673-5221  ext. 1202 email:  (This position is currently vacant.)
673-5221 ext. 1400 email:   Ms. Janet Camello
Grade 6
673-5221 ext. 1408 email:   Ms. Tricia Shea
Grade 7
673-5221 ext. 1204 email:   Ms. Linda Mack
Grade 8
673-5221 ext. 1516 email:   Ms. Linda Bernier
SPED Secretary
673-5221 ext. 1552   Ms. Liz Lopez
Director of Special Services
673-6709  email: Ms. Santina Thibedeau
Assistant Director of Special Services
673-6709  email: Ms. Melissa MacDonald