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MMS Parent Handbook

William Demers



Colleen M. Hackett                                        Ian Atwell

          Assistant Principal                               Curriculum Coordinator



Emily MacDonald                                       Wendy Vaupel

           School Counselor                                     School Counselor 



33 Osgood Road

Milford, NH 03055


Telephone:  (603) 673-5221



MMS Building




Milford Middle School provides a safe learning environment that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit of every student. Respect for self, others and property is promoted as students are guided toward their fullest potential in academics and in citizenship.  This is best accomplished through the cooperative effort of students, teachers, families, and the community.


This assignment handbook is a valuable source of information.  It contains the policies and procedures necessary for the successful operation of the school.  The assignment pages are provided so that students can become better organized and provide for communication between home and school.



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Middle School Administration   
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Milford Middle School 
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