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Curriculum Coordinator
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Continuing this year, the Art Department is looking for talented artists to submit work to Featured Artist of the Month! For those who don’t know about Featured Artist, students are asked to submit three to five pieces of artwork, along with an artist statement, to be featured for an entire month. Submissions can range from two-dimensional to three-dimensional artworks, photos to paintings, drawings to poetry, all mediums are accepted! So far this year, we have so many creative artists submit to Featured Artist. We would like to highlight those who have been chosen so far this year. The following students have had their work displayed as our Featured Artists: 

Logan Chamberlain and Johnny Sherman - October 

Logan Woods - November 

Piper Greenhalgh - December

Tiegen Barb - January 

We can’t wait to see more amazing artwork! The next deadline for submissions will be February 21st, the day before February Vacation. If you have a child that is interested in submitting to Featured Artist, please feel free to email Miss Dine or Mrs. V-P! 


Milford Middle School Annual Peace Poster Contest

Sponsored by the Milford Lions Club’s

Grade 7 students created posters based on the theme: “Journey of Peace”.   Each poster was judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme.


The top 3 winners: Jasmine Blay - 3rd Place and winning $50, Rosalie Crosby - 2nd Place and winning $75 and Johnny Sherman - 1st Place winning $100 and going on the the division level


5 Honorable Mentions:

Sophia Bilodeau

Jordan Gebro

Izzy Silva

Kate Seale

Zack Zaremba


The top 3 winners, with their parents and Mrs. Varney-Parker, were invited to the November Lion’s Club meeting and meal where they were presented with a framed photo of their posters and awards.  


Photos of all winning posters were on display during the Lions Mid-Winter Convention held on Saturday, January 25, 2020.


Congratulations to all our winners and poster designers!!  They were fantastic - showing lots of thought, creativity and effort and the Lion’s Club was very impressed!! 


Congratulations to our NH Scholastic Art Award Winners:

Lilly Barlow - grade 7, awarded Silver Key for her painting "Self-Portrait"

Madelyn Arseneau - grade 8, awarded Silver Key for her Drawing “Life and Death”

Morgan Peterson - grade 8, awarded Honorable Mention for her drawing “Infinite Possibilities”  and

Logan Woods – grade 8, awarded Honorable Mention for his photo “Centennial Flower”

This is a state award with about 25% of middle entries having their work selected for awards.  Miss Dine and Mrs. V-P selected their top art for this competition so all that were selected, even if they didn’t earn an award were significant for this competition.  Congratulations to all who were chosen!