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The Milford Middle School hosted its annual Grade 8 Career Day on Friday, March 17th.

Prior to Career Day, Grade 8 students were introduced to 16 career clusters.

They also completed the Interest Survey of the Kuder Career Exploration Program, which ranks the career clusters according to each student’s level of interest.

During Career Day, students had the opportunity to listen to 7 local professionals from different career fields, including an electrician, a pastry chef, veterinarian, an air traffic controller, an author, & Under Armour consultant.  Students asked questions & participated in a variety of speaker-provided activities.  Career Day offered students a chance to see what it takes for individuals to be successful in these careers.  At the end of the day, students had gained a greater awareness of the choices they will be able to make to shape their futures.

Ask your son or daughter about their Career Day experience!

Rose O’Neill-Verney

Curriculum Coordinator

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