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Eye On Curriculum

My role as an administrator is to manage the district curriculum at the middle school.   I work with a district team including our Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Mike Tenters, to update our district’s curriculum to take advantage of new and better methods, resources, and technology.  This year, curriculum realignment will focus on Science, Health, & Physical Education.

We have successfully welcomed a new group of 6th graders into Milford Middle School.  Dealing with the schedule, moving around the building, and keeping up with homework are challenging issues for many of them.  However, most students have had a relatively smooth transition into our school.   The 6th grade will be attending Nature’s Classroom the week of October 16th.  Nature’s Classroom is an unforgettable learning experience for students and their teachers.

As parents of any MMS student, you can support your children by talking with them about their school days and assignments.  There are many exciting things happening here daily!  We also offer many clubs and activities before and after school.  You can view the middle school website ( and their team’s website for important information.   Checking PowerSchool weekly with your child is also a great tool.  Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in late November.  Students will bring home conference information from their team as that date approaches.


Rose O’Neill-Verney

Curriculum Coordinator

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