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Throughout the month of January there have been a few very exciting contests and competitions held at the middle school.  The school Spelling Bee, the Geography Bee and, held for the first time at MMS, the VEX Robotics Competition.

  • Spelling Bee:  The MMS Spelling Bee was held on January 23rd.   Ten MMS students participated in the bee, based on their performance in classroom spelling tests:
    • Beth Brooks – 6th Edison
    • Keegan Carter – 8th Liberty
    • Carla Costas – 7th Navigators
    • Aeryn Cross – 6th DaVinci
    • Hayli Humphrey – 7th Explorers
    • Jason Lewicki – 6th Newton
    • Jacob Lydon – 8th Freedom
    • Felicity Rysdam – 8th Freedom
    • Daniel Sixon – 7th Explorers
    • Anya Zoltko – 6th DaVinci

Jacob Lydon won this year’s MMS Bee and Aeryn Cross & Daniel Sixon were co-runners-up. It was a very exciting competition & participants correctly spelled a variety of very difficult words.   The winning word was astonishment. Jacob will participate in the NH State Spelling Bee in Concord on February 23rd, 2019. Congratulations to Jacob, Aeryn, Daniel, & all the other students who participated in this year’s bee!


  • Geography Bee:   Saginaw Bay, a popular summer tourist destination in the state of Michigan, is an inlet of which lake?  Do you know the answer? Keegan Carter did, and he is this year’s MMS Geography Bee champion! Congratulations to all the contestants who competed this year and thank you for another exciting bee.
    • Beth Brooks – 6th Edison
    • Keegan Carter – 8th Liberty
    • Carla Costas – 7th Navigators
    • Caleb Cote – 7th Explorers
    • Daniel Gorman – 6th DaVinci
    • Liam Jones – 8th Freedom
    • Jason Lewicki – 6th Newton

Fun Fact: Saginaw Bay is an inlet of Lake Huron.

VEX Robotics Competition:  Ella Forrence and Kassandra Sickler participated in the VEX Robotics competition at MMS on January 12.  They were able to complete a high hang of their robot at the end of their team challenge and made the top 10 out of 28 teams!  Our Robotics team will be competing in the state wide competition later this year.

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