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from Rose O’Neill-Verney, MMS Curriculum Coordinator

Social Studies at MMS is the place to be!

Grade 6 social studies students are working on a Sarcophagus project using all the information learned about life in Ancient Egypt.  The students will be writing about 5 items to take to the afterlife to keep them happy, healthy, & entertained as well as researching 2 gods to look after their well being. Construction of a Sarcophagus decorated with important items will ensure that the ka (life spirit) is protected for all eternity.   

7th grade Navigators have been investigating Ancient Greece.  They have just wrapped up a mini unit on Greek mythology which included an assembly where students saw 3 Greek myths performed.  Students then performed additional Greek myths for their own classes.  In the 2nd trimester, students will learn about Ancient Rome & will work collaboratively on a research project about the more notable & notorious Roman emperors & will try to stop the fall of Rome.  They will also start learning about the Middle Ages in Europe & become crime scene investigators while learning about the Bubonic Plague & the effect it had on life Europe.  The 3rd trimester will be a dash through European exploration & colonization of North America complete with live “interviews” of European explorers, before ending the year with an introduction to the English colonies in North America.  

Grade 7 Team Explorers are wrapping up a unit on Greek Mythology & moving on to the Golden Age of Athens. Students are currently learning about the rise & spread of Greek culture, including architecture, music, theater, & philosophy. This week, the students will be participating in a Socratic seminar where they will need to discuss how the Olympics & other large sporting events have evolved to become more inclusive. Coming up, students will be practicing their critical thinking & writing skills as they consider the question: Should Alexander be considered the “Great”?

8th grade social studies students began with an exploration of the American Revolution & the lead up to American independence.  The focus this year is on argumentative writing & students have been given the task of making an argument for American independence after considering the viewpoints of the American colonists & the British government.  In Trimester 2, they will be looking at U.S. government, with students learning the law-making process & considering the impact of the U.S. Constitution on our history & our lives today.

Rose O’Neill–Verney

MMS Curriculum Coordinator

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