Assistant Principal

Colleen Hackett


School Safety:

I want to review a few safety procedures that are currently in place here at the middle school.  When parents and guests arrive at the middle school entrance, please buzz in at the front door.  The office secretaries will ask you to identify yourself and may ask for your child’s name and purpose before buzzing you in.  Since all visitors must go through the main office to enter, students and staff will not open doors to let visitors in. To further ensure the safety of your children, please make sure the main office has updated information, which includes your current address, phone numbers and emergency contacts.

If your child is being dismissed to someone other than you, please provide a written note indicating the name of the individual picking up your child.  Those individuals, must come in the main office and provide identification to sign your child out during school hours.

Throughout the year, your child will also participate in safety drills, which include “lock downs” and “fire drills”.  These drills assist students in becoming comfortable with procedures in case of a real emergency.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain accurate information on your children, as well as maintaining a safe environment for all.

Colleen Hackett

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