Assistant Principal


Ms. Hackett

Assistant Principal

Now that winter is here, we have been reminding students to dress warmly for school.  When students arrive, they will be standing outside in the mornings unless the temperature or wind chill is below 20 degrees.  We encourage warm jackets, layers of clothing, gloves and hats.  Students also go outside for recess during the winter months as well.  Since there may be snow on the ground during recess times, it is also important for students to wear warm shoes if possible.  Due to the limited amount of space on the playground, basketballs are not permitted during the winter months, since students are encouraged to stay on the pavement.

Other rules students are made aware of for safety reasons include:

(1)         Snow needs to remain on the ground (In other words, “no throwing snowballs”)

(2)         Students are not allowed to climb on snow banks.

We appreciate your assistance in helping your children stay warm!

Colleen Hackett

Assistant Principal

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