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November’s Student of the Month theme is Obey School Rules.

Every month, teachers nominate students for Student of the Month. This is an opportunity to recognize students that demonstrate good citizenship and act as role models for their peers.  We are continually trying to encourage positive behaviors with students throughout the year.   In order to help reinforce these behaviors and recognize those students who are trying hard in a variety of ways, nominations are based on a theme for each month.

With November’s theme focusing on school rules, we recognize that middle school students may not always understand the reason for rules, nor agree with them at times.  We try to help students understand that rules are put in place, not only in schools, but in a variety of settings to provide personal safety, as well as to help create an atmosphere of respect.  We appreciate the efforts your children make in following these rules.  This will be recognized in this month’s theme.

Colleen Hackett

Assistant Principal

Student of the Month Themes:

 December – Be prepared to learn

January –  Support others who may need help

February – Be courteous and polite

March– Make good choices for my behavior

April -Make a positive contribution to my

May – Open communication when concerned about something


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