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Colleen Hackett


Vaping information for parents         

We have recently become aware of a brand of e-cigarettes called JUUL.  Students have begun to take an interest in this device.   When using this device, individuals will refer to it as “juuling”.  The device is battery operated and resembles an USB drive.  It can be plugged into a computer to charge.  Because it can be easily disguised, we would like parents to be aware of this device.  Vaping is illegal for those under the age of 18.  The Boston Globe recently published an article on this.  The link is provided below.

In addition, our School Resource Officer, Officer Addonizio, has also provided this link on his Facebook page.   You can search for Officer Addonio’s page by typing in Milford SRO on Facebook.  In addition to this link, Officer Addonizio provides other information that may be of interest to parents as well.

Boston Globe article:

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