Principal’s Page


Anthony P. DeMarco


Welcome Back!  A month of school has already been completed and the students have adjusted well to the transition from summer to school once again.  Our staff is making every effort to get to know your children, help them get comfortable and acclimate themselves to the middle school.  We can accomplish this be personalizing your child’s education and make a large school feel smaller through teaming.

Middle school can be a difficult time for students as they are not only growing physically, but emotionally and socially too.  As students enter adolescence and become young adults they begin to look for more peer acceptance then they may have had at the elementary level.   Their social interaction focus changes from being family based to being more peer based.  Their friends and how they are perceived by their friends becomes the most important thing in their lives.  The Transition to middle school can be difficult for some 6th grade students.  They move from a self-contained classroom with the same teacher all day long to multiple classrooms with multiple teachers.  This can be overwhelming for some.  Students are only with their subject area teachers between 45 to 60 minutes, which is very different from a self-contained classroom experience.  Time management and organization become skills that the 6th grade staff assists students in developing over the course of the first trimester or so.  It is important to give you child time to adjust to the middle school and the different schedule.  Encourage them to ask questions and to ask for assistance when needed.

It is often during the middle school years that parents comment most that their children don’t talk to them as much as they used to.  You may not know as much about your child’s day as they used to tell you.  It’s okay.  It is part of your child growing up.  Ask them questions about their day, talk to them at dinner or in the car, and let them know that you are interested.  As adults one of our responsibilities is to reassure and provide our children with the support necessary to help them get through this difficult period of developments while providing them the independence that they need to grow socially and emotionally.  Keeping this in mind will help you get through adolescence too.

We held our beginning of school “Welcome Back & Handbook Assemblies” for each individual team.  At each of the assemblies we discussed with the students the ideals of “Respect” and “Responsibility” and how each relates to the school atmosphere and environment.  Students are reminded that their education is their responsibility and that teachers and parents are there to help them succeed to the best of their abilities.  They are reminded to ask questions if they don’t understand something, to try their hardest and give their best and most importantly to work to their full potential.  Please take some time to read the handbook over with your child and encourage them to ask questions on topics they may not fully understand.

Middle school is a great time to help your child explore the opportunities available to them.  I look forward to another year of school with your children to assist them in discovering these opportunities.  As always, please remember to call or write me or my staff if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  When we work together great things can happen.

Tony deMarco