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Anthony P. DeMarco


We have extended the 2nd trimester until March 24th due to the snow days that we had accumulated during this trimester.  The trimester change affects the Unified Arts classes mostly.  The change will allow us to keep the days in each trimester equal.

The March 14th town elections will be held here in the middle school gymnasium from 6:00AM to 8:00PM.  In the best interest of continued security and safety for our students, school will not be in session that day as it is scheduled to be a Teacher Professional Development Workshop Day.

Please remember that the entrance to the voting polls is through the gymnasium lobby.  Parking spaces will be delineated for staff and voters.  Voters should park towards the gymnasium lobby entrance at the rear of the building for easier access to the polls.  Police officers will be directing traffic in the parking lot.

Residents of Milford may register the day of elections at the polls.  Please be sure to have proof of residency available if you plan to register at the poles.

Available on our website and mentioned in this month’s newsletter are the Parent Placement Request letters.  Every year we provide parents an opportunity to give input to their child’s placement for the upcoming school year by providing us insight into their child’s personality and learning style that may not be evident to the school staff.

I ask that you do not request a specific team of teachers or a specific teacher in your letter.  By providing us with additional information about your child it will assist us in determining the most appropriate placement for your child in the upcoming year.  All letters are due to the main office by April 14, 2017.

We will be administering state testing to students in April.  The test consists of a mathematics and reading/language arts assessments and performance tasks. Students are presented a lesson in specific subject areas and then must apply the information that was presented to problem solve questions.  This authentic assessment provides an accurate understanding of a student’s ability to process, infer, comprehend and apply information from a lesson into practical applications.  Students have to combine and utilize skills taught throughout the year to solve hypothetical real-world problems.

In moving the testing period to the end of the school year we now receive the results in the Fall.  Receiving the test results at the beginning of the year allows us to assess student learning better and make adjustments to curriculum and instruction for the upcoming school year and beyond.  Teachers and administrators will examine the results of the tests and compare them to the results from last year’s testing to measure achievement levels of all the students in the building.  They will then develop goals for their classrooms and for their students.  This lets us determine if there are common threads which can be identified and strengthened.

Please keep in mind that no single test is designed to be a complete measurement of student learning.  It is a snapshot in time of your child’s performance on the day that they took the test.  Daily performance in class, completion of homework, grades on teacher-prepared tests and quizzes, and participation in school activities all are important indicators of student success.  This end of year test is simply one tool in helping us to measure student achievement.  If you have any questions about the testing, please feel free to contact me at 673-5221 during normal school hours or you can send me an email. I look forward to discussing the test with you if you have questions.


Tony DeMarco



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