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Brrrrrr….the weather has been cold, with lots of snow in the forecast.  Along with this, comes my annual statement to ask you to remind your children to dress warmly in the mornings.  The temperature these past weeks has been hovering around the teens and lower.  While it isn’t cool to dress warmly it is important that they do so.  On really cold mornings we will allow students into the building before the 7:15am arrival time, however for the majority of the winter time students are outside in the morning.  We are seeing girls wearing flip-flops, boys with just shorts and tee-shirts, etc. walking around outside in the morning and in the after noon.  Please stress to your son / daughter the importance of dressing appropriately for the weather.

This month, the eighth grade will be participating in the NAEP test.  This test is best known as “The Nations Report Card”.  A sampling of students from the eighth grade will be chosen to take the test on February 17th.  A letter went home at the end of January describing the test and providing parents with an opportunity to not have their child be part of this test.  The school does not receive test results back on individual students.  Our data is tallied along with students throughout the State to provide a representation of how New Hampshire eighth grade students’ fare compared to other states.  The test is made up of three separate parts and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

The faculty and staff are assisting our students to help them develop the skills necessary to be successful.  A variety of strategies have been utilized throughout the building in reading and writing to help students to develop and strength their skills.  Students have been using writing programs to assist them in organizing their ideas to present a well written paragraph with supporting details.  They have been practicing self and peer editing techniques which help to enforce good writing skills.

We continue to hold extended advisory times each month to help prepare the students for the first ever Smarter Balanced tests that are being implemented this Spring as a replacement to the NECAP tests.  Students are becoming familiar with the testing format and vocabulary of the new state tests.

We are more than half way through the school year and it is the time of the year that we begin to think about student placements for the upcoming year.  You will be receiving our annual request from parents to provide information about your daughter or son to assist us in developing your child’s class schedule for next year. Please be specific when describing your child’s unique situation or the type of learning environment that you feel may best suit your child.  If the information conflicts with information we have receive from the educational staff we will decide the best course of action based upon what would be best for the student educationally.  Please do not ask for your child to be grouped with friends as each child has unique learning styles and educational needs.  Please do not request a specific team of teachers or for specific teachers.

Students will receive a letter prior to the start of the school year informing them of their team assignments.  Once the summer letter is received and placement has been determined changes rarely occur due to the complexity of the process involved. If you know of any factors that our staff may not be aware of please feel free to send that information to my attention through email or by formal letter by April 15, 2015.




Tony DeMarco, Principal