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Happy Fall!

This year, Parent Conference Night is scheduled for Monday, November 24th from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM and during the week of November 17th.  Each grade level team has set up their schedule of conferences during this week.  Please contact Student Services at 673-5221 ext. 1560 to set up a parent conference with your child’s team of teachers if you haven’t done so yet.  If you would like an administrator, counselor or another teacher to attend the conference, please inform Student Services at that time and they will be asked to attend the conference.    The Unified Arts teachers will also be available the night of parent conferences and have provided maps to the grade level teams indicating where they will be available for conferences during that night.

Parents should also be aware that the parent portal to our school wide student management system, PowerSchool, is available to you to track your student’s attendance and grades.  Once you log in, parents are able to view their child’s progress throughout the school year.  Assignments are listed and grades are provided for the assignments.  Assignments are usually updated on a weekly basis.  We ask that you are patient with the grading of assignments.  The district’s and school’s guideline is a week for most assignments to be graded and inputted into PowerSchool and up to two weeks for major projects and major writing assignments to be graded and inputted.  Late assignments are graded at the classroom teacher’s discretion and may not show up in PowerSchool until a later time. Their first grading priority is to the assignments handed in on time.  Students are also given access to PowerSchool through the student portal.  This gives them the ability to track their assignments and grades and to keep up with upcoming assignments and projects.

In the event of inclement weather, the Superintendent of Schools The weather has definitely taken a turn and it is beginning to really feel a lot like fall.  As the weather starts to turn colder, students should be reminded to wear appropriate outside clothing, especially in the mornings.  Students are coming to school without jackets or coats and wearing t-shirts and flip-flops as the temperature has been steadily dropping on these cold Fall mornings.  Students are outside in the mornings until 7:30 AM when the bell rings.  However, if there is inclement weather, students will be allowed into the building around 7:10 AM to wait in the corridors until the bell rings at 7:30 AM.   If the weather is cold, usually below 20 degrees as reported by the MMS weather station, students come into the building.  Some students still prefer to remain outside.  Please speak with your child and remind them to dress appropriately for the weather.  Thank you for your continued cooperation in this matter.

In the event of inclement weather, the Superintendent of Schools may call a delayed opening or may determine that cancelling classes for the day would be in the best interest of the students’ safety.  When classes are canceled every effort will be made to have the announcement made by 5:00AM and no later than 5:30AM.  The announcement will be broadcast over the following media channels;


Manchester, NH    CH 9


Boston, MA          CH 4


Boston, MA          CH 5


Manchester, NH 101.1FM / 610AM


Manchester, NH   95.7FM


Boston, MA          1030AM


Dover, NH             97.5FM

WMUR-TV           Website

Milford Schools Website

If a delayed opening is announced, students are expected to arrive at school two (2) hours after their normal time of arrival.  Here at the middle school, students are expected to arrive between 9:15AM and 9:30AM during a delayed opening.  If the weather remains bad and the decision has to be made to change from a delayed opening to the cancelation of classes for the day an announcement will be made over the media outlets listed above before 8:00AM.


Tony DeMarco