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Anthony P. DeMarco


Happy New Year!  We at the middle school hope that all of our families had a relaxing holiday break and are excited about returning to school.

The New Year brings new possibilities.  Preparing our children for the future is an important task and one that our staff is committed to accomplishing. Parents and teachers are entrusted with helping our children to be prepared for the future and the possibilities that it holds.  At the middle school level we help students to prepare for the next transition in their lives, preparing for the high school.  We educate using the best practices that have been identified to assist students to achieve to their fullest potential.  We challenge students to try their best and to explore and try new things to assist them in broadening their horizons.  Working together with parents and with our community, we assist our children in developing their potential to help them achieve great things in their futures.

It is winter and with winter comes snow and the possibility of snow days and early dismissals.  The School district sends out “No-School” announcements through its automated phone and email service.  The District gets your contact information through each school’s PowerSchool data.  At the beginning of the school year we send home “Emergency Contact Information” sheets for parents to update their emergency contact information.  It is important that the main office has your current emergency contact information and that if it changes during the year that it is updated immediately.

It is important that in case of an early dismissal that as a family you have a plan in place for your children if they have to be dismissed early because of weather or some other reason.  If possible, you may want to provide your child with a cell phone number, a work number, or a neighbor’s number that they could call, or a means to be able to enter into your house or apartment if no one is home.  You may be able to arrange something with a neighbor or a friend.  Be sure to let your children know the plan and how they can get in touch with you in the case of an early dismissal.

As the weather returns to our normal New Hampshire weather for this time of year, we want to let you know the policy concerning morning arrival.  We will usually allow students to enter the building if the temperature falls below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (we do take into account wind chill).  The temperature is determined by utilizing the Middle School’s weather station located on top of the building.

Please be sure to have your children dressed in appropriate outside winter clothing.  Coats, jackets, gloves, scarves and hats are essential on these cold mornings.  If cold weather clothing is an issue, please call the office and let us know and confidential arrangements can be made to provide appropriate clothing, if needed.

We have a number of parents that are dropping off students before 7:00AM.  We ask that you not drop your child off at the school prior to 7:15 AM, especially on frightfully cold mornings.  The main office isn’t open until 7:00AM and students will be out in the cold until that time.  There is no supervision outside until 7:15 AM.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Parents are reminded to NOT PARK in the FIRE LANES at the front of the building or at the rear of the building near the gymnasium entrance after school hours when waiting to pick up your children.  Fire lanes are designated as emergency lanes and must be clear of vehicles. Vehicles are also not allowed to idle in this area either.  There are plenty of open parking spaces available afterschool for parents to park legally while waiting for their children.


Tony DeMarco


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