Parent/Student Handbooks

MMS Student Handbook1920

MMS Parent Handbook 1920

Frequently Asked Questions:


Students arriving at school after 7:37 must report to the main office.  Students should have an excuse note signed by a parent or guardian. Unexcused tardies will result in an office detention following three unexcused tardies per marking period.  Tardiness exceeding the three days per trimester may necessitate parent notification or other disciplinary action. Excessive tardiness may result in In-School Suspensions.

Early Dismissals:

You may be dismissed from school during the school day after bringing a note to the office before advisory with the following information:

*the student’s name      *reason for dismissal     *time of dismissal          *parent’s or guardian’s signature

Students may be dismissed only to your parent or guardian unless permission to leave with another person has been given to the office.  A student’s parent or guardian must sign them out when leaving and when returning come to the office for a pass to return to class.

Bus Passes:

Students who ride busses are assigned a specific bus to take to and from school.  Any students, walkers included, who need to ride a different bus after school, must have a bus pass.  Bus passes are only given out for emergency situations. Other arrangements should be made for all other reasons.  Parents must either call or send in a note to request a bus pass. Parents may be contacted to clarify the reasons for the request if a note is sent in.   

Boys and Girls Club students must show the driver their Boys and Girls Club ID in order to ride that specific bus.

School bus transportation is intended to provide student transportation from home to school and from school to home.  In order to assist families with work conflicts, we make every effort to accommodate transportation to and from child care providers outside the home. School bus transportation is not available to and from play dates, dentist appointments, piano lessons, etc…  The District does not have the resources to provide this type of additional service.

Absences from School:  A parent/guardian must call in an absence on the absentee line (673-5221),  in order for the student to be considered excused from school.   Otherwise the absence will be considered unexcused.

Telephones/Cell Phones:

The office telephone is available for students to use with office permission. Although students are permitted to have cell phones in their possession, cell phones are to remain off while school is in session.  If a cell phone is being used in any manner or becomes disruptive in class, then the phone will be held in the main office, the student will be warned, and a call may be placed to the parent / guardian.  If cell phone violations continue, then the parent will be required to pick the cell phone up from school. Ongoing violations may result in loss of cell phone privileges at school and disciplinary action, which may include suspension.  

1st Offense:   Warning given / Parent may be notified        2nd Offense:  Detention given / Parent notified

3rd Offense:   Detention given / Parent must pick up phone / Loss of cell phone privileges for the remainder of the school year

Once a student has lost cell phone privileges for the year, any additional violations will result in suspension.

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.