Unified Arts

                                         Unified Arts Courses Offered:

Grade 6, 7, 8:  Consumer Ed,  Tech Ed,  Health, Art, Physical Education, World Language
Grade 6 & 7:    Band, Music or Chorus
Grade 8:            Band or Chorus (optional)

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          Ms. Dine – Art        Art – Mrs. Varney-Parker

               Music & Band – Mrs. Lowy

Tech Ed – Mr. Erdody          Consumer Ed – Mrs. Calo

Health – Mr. White

Music and Chorus – Mrs. Galster

World Language – Ms. Caron

World Language: Ms. Ward

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Mr. S. Erdody:  Tech Ed        Mrs. Calo:  Cons Ed


Art:    Mrs. Varney-Parker            Ms. Dine



Mrs. Galster:  Chorus/Music                  Mrs. Lowy:  Band/Music



Health:   Mr. White



World Language:   Ms. Caron          Ms. Ward